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Randall Linebacks Hide (Red)
Randall Linebacks Hide (Red)
Randall Linebacks Hide (Red)

Randall Linebacks Hide (Red)

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The Chapel Hill Randall Linebacks, America's oldest and rarest breed of cattle, are exclusively sold to the finest chefs who buy local, in season, sustainably-raised food. Chef Cathal Armstrong serves the Randall Linebacks at his restaurants - Restaurant Eve, Society Fair, Virtue Feed & Grain, and The Majestic. 

Saving the Randalls: Restaurant demand translate into value for the farmer. You save the Randall Linebacks by eating them. The chefs serving Randall Linebacks use the entire animal. Nothing is wasted. Thank you for helping to save this beautiful breed from extinction. 
Randall Lineback hides are available for purchase unframed. We do, however, have the name of our framer upon request. 

Type: Gifts

Vendor: Society Fair

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